10 Best Golf GPS 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

Golf GPS is an application that is used to find the exact location of Golfers.

Golf GPS is nothing but Golf Rangefinder Measuring Devices. Golf GPS is used for measuring the point from the player’s location.

The Golf GPS System used the Satellite to find the location. The most important use of Golf GPS is it provides the information to golfers regarding yardages. Golf GPS also provides information involving the hazard distance.

About the Golf GPS

Golf GPS provides the software for devices and applications and it also provides Golf GPS devices.

The Golf GPS can help the user to navigate the golf course and records as well as it provide the facility that golfers can save their golf scores as well as the game statistics.

There is a map also provides in Golf GPS System and some other systems also provide the satellite pictures.

If the user doesn’t have the Golf GPS application on their device then they can download it from Google play. Golf GPS is also available for iOS.

Finding the best option is one of the difficult tasks for golf GPS. This GPS helps you to gather information before every shot. It can track so many things in this tracker such as it can track the calories you burn if you buy a wristwatch.

If you buy the wristwatch tracker then it comes with many features like it can count the steps you took in a day. With all those options it is quite difficult to find the right GPS to fit your needs.

The feature that should be present in your golf GPS:


Always try to check the size of the display and the clarity before you buy it. So that display can provide you the best view. Most of the time it comes with LCD and digital display with touch screen technology.


There are many features you should check before you go to buy any product. Nowadays they come with color screens and visuals of the hole and some GPS comes with standard features.

There are GPS available in the shape of wristwatches so that you can buy it instead of buying smartwatches. These kinds of GPS watches can provide you a bunch of features. It also comes with a fitness tracker.


Some devices can provide you many functions so choose the one who can fulfill your needs.

Some best options you can buy:

Garmin Approach S60:

This is one of the best options available on the market. It comes with a bunch of features. It has a big touch screen for easy viewing. It also has health tracking features which help you to maintain the health.

Skycaddie SX500:

This one is known for its best handheld golf GPS in 2019. It can connect fast than other GPS devices. It has very clear and outstanding visuals. It comes with a durable case and gives you long battery life.

This piece of GPS has no fitness features and it is bigger than an iPhone.

Garmin approach G80:

It has a built-in launch monitor and touch screen so that you can operate it with ease. It is a very user-friendly product and compatible with other golfers. It has a 36 hole battery life. This is quite expensive than the others.

Bushnell ION2:

This is one of the best in budget product and it comes with 36000 pre-loaded courses. It has an easy setup but it comes with no touch screen. It has a fast satellite connection. The only limitation is that it has no touch screen system in it.

Some GPS devices can give you many features and some of them are limited in terms of features. Most of the GPS watches are water-resistant and provides you fitness tracking features.

Golf GPS is one of the important things if you are interested to be in touch with them. There are a lot of trackers available on the market right now. We can buy them without any hesitation. The thing we need to check is the capacity, battery backup and all these types of features.

Instruction to use the Golf GPS

To install the Golf GPS software first charges your device and then makes registration on the official site of Golf GPS.

Then select the course you want. Set up the round by putting the names of players as well as decide the satellite view as you want. With the help of this, you can select any part of the screen to zoom in or out.

There is an option available to measure the distance between the ball traveled and after that move to where your ball landed.

Then the initial stage is log on your shot as well as a club that is used to play. Then in scorecard enter the overall score of your games and sand shots as well as penalties.

If you want to continue the game then you can save the information on your scoreboard.

If the user wants to optimize their device’s battery then they need to make some configurations that is adjust the brightness of their device’s screen like less than 40%.

The user needs to use the external battery backup that is a power bank or charger.

Here some of the names of the top devices of Golf GPS devices are Golf GPS Watches, Handheld Golf GPS, and Smartphone Golf GPS Applications, etc.

Features of Golf GPS 

While using the Golf GPS applications it has some awesome features also that are it provides basic distance information.

The Golf GPS Device has an individual shot tracking distance and auto course recognition.

In Golf GPS device there are some pre-loaded games as well as golf courses also available.

The Golf GPS Device green mapping, manual pin configurations and it is waterproof.

With the help of Golf GPS Devices, user can improve their playing skills as well as it has some resolutions also which helps the user to guide while playing the game.

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The Golf GPS devices are compatible with any operating system as well as it has various features that are useful for beginners.

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